"I was able to make a little progress on my own but was never able to do the Deadlift or Squat without a problem in my back."

When I started at RTS, I couldn’t put much pressure on my left leg without serious pain shooting through my knee. My workouts over the course of a year and a half have brought my knee and the imbalance that existed in my left leg to an acceptable condition. The pain that existed and prevented me from biking hard or running a set of stairs is gone!

The trainers at RTS understand body movement all too well and prioritize form over function. The focus is on a goal I set for myself. The workouts are varied and always fresh with my goal in mind. This atmosphere allows me to go harder as I train to achieve my goal.


The things that separate RTS from other gyms are the knowledgeable, attentive staff and unique class offereings. The coaches at RTS create challenging, effective workout programs for any fitness goal, and closely monitor your training to ensure proper exercise technique. The Kinstretch and steel mace classes are a great addition to any workout program, and something I’ve never seen offered anywhere else.


Before coming to RTS I have been to several strength coaches. Mike’s workouts took my game to another level. He got me faster stronger and more flexible. I came into my season in top physical condition and I could see the difference just 6 months of training had done. We won the state championship that year and I am now going on to play at the collegiate level. Mike and Scott are to thank.


My back feels better, my neck feels better, I can do pull ups, I have lost 16 pounds (and my muffin top), I fit into a size 2, I have more strength and stamina when I ski, I have conquered my carb addiction (well, sort of)….now if only RTS would include The Rippingtons on their Pandora play list…


You come in and do your thing in a supportive, spacious atmosphere. In addition, it is not personal training per se but you have coaches that are walking around making sure your form is spot on. You work out alone with your program but you are never alone.

J Pito

“I love that you offer different types of workouts such as Kettlebell, Steel Mace and now Kinstretch, in addition to the other amazing classes you have!”

RTS is a lot different that other gyms….You come in and do your thing in a supportive, spacious atmosphere. In addition, it is not personal training per se but you have coaches that are walking around making sure your form is spot on. You work out alone with your program but you are never alone.

My goal for 2018 is to be a lean and mean, clean eating machine! Nutrition plays a major part of a healthy lifestyle and I know I have not been spot on this past year. Momma got goals!!

Down M

“I’m able to crawl around on the floor to play with my granddaughter, I was not able to do that when I started.”

Before coming to RTS, my workouts consisted of mostly cardio with a little bit of weight and core exercises. Since joining the RTS family, I’ve been working out much more consistently, and getting a total body workout. All the trainers know me and what my challenges/issues are. They encourage me and push me just enough.

Getting the whole workout experience along with the nutrition piece has made the biggest difference for me. I’ve almost reached my weight goal, I’m much stronger and more fit. I want to be able to stay active and healthy.

Erin Brough

“I have more confidence in myself to do the things I want to do, my body shape has changed, and I am STRONG.”

My husband asked me to move a piece of furniture one day a few months ago with him. When we lifted it, his eyes went wide and said “wow, Ranfone.” He wasn’t saying it to make me feel good. I almost tossed that chair across the room without him.

RTS has made me realize that there is more to being fit than the number on the bathroom scale. I realized that life doesn’t begin and end with running for me, it actually begins and ends with the strength that supports it. That strength is built at RTS. In May, I am going to run a Ragnar Relay up the Cape with 11 other women. My goal isn’t to run fast, but to run strong and in a state where I can enjoy the journey – injury and pain free after intense training.


"RTS has completely transformed the way I work out. I’ve never been this strong. "

My workouts are primarily resistance-based training, which has increased my strength and core stability tremendously. I am not as aerobically fit as I was when I was running 20+ miles per week, but I have not gotten injured at all while at RTS whereas I was getting hurt all the time when I was running. I have noticed big gains in every kind of strength I can measure. Core strength, leg strength, arm strength, grip strength, everything has gone way up. This is demonstrated in surprising ways, not only in being able to lift heavier things, but even stuff like being able to shovel snow for much longer without taking breaks. I’ve never been this strong.


Mike is one of the most knowledgable trainers I have met, but most importantly he was the most helpful. No question is too stupid and he takes every opportunity to coach and make someone better seriously. I shadowed Mike and Scott at RTS for a day and in that 1 day i learned more than I had in all the time studying in the coaching manuals and certification programs. As a sport coach and a young strength coach, I look to RTS for advice/guidance.


Mike is the man. Got me ready for some agility testing in a short period of time. Taught me a lot in the process as well. Blown away by my experience at RTS.

The Ranfone Personalized

The RTS process has been refined over 15 years. And the main reason it works is that it is personalized on every level, from nutrition to training, to accountability.

We’ll identify what’s holding you back from the results you want, analyzing your blood, DNA, and lifestyle to understand the underlying challenges. Then, we’ll provide a customized plan that’s clear, simple, and actionable.