The Vision behind RTS

Having embarked on this journey over 15 years ago, Mike brings a wealth of experience to RTS. His path, from academic excellence and athletic prowess at Union College to serving as the Strength and Conditioning coordinator for over 500 Division 1 athletes at Yale University, has significantly influenced his approach.

At RTS, you won’t find quick-fix gimmicks. Instead, you’ll discover a commitment to science-based information and the empowerment of proactive mindsets. Mike’s expertise extends beyond his training center; he’s a sought-after authority in sports performance, contributing to online publications and coaching teams to championships.

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Michael Ranfone


Truth be told, I was never interested in opening just a gym. From its inception, Ranfone Training Systems was intended to be a coaching business, where we could provide opportunities for self-improvement through a collaborative and empowering approach. Whether it be sport, business, accademia, etc. I have yet to find a true high achiever accomplishing it without someone in their corner providing guidance, feedback, and encouragement. Our strategy is no different; to leverage our experience and domain expertise to facilitate our clients in enhancing their capacity for positive change and personal resolve to sustain it. I am often reminded by the many figures in my life who have helped me along the way and even to this day depend on coaches and mentors for insight on how to improve. The mission of RTS is in many ways to pay homage to all those who we owe a debt of gratitude towards and honor the sentiment of paying it forward.

Mike Ranfone has worked with everyone from elite athletes to everyday people and found that the highest performers share one thing: the ability to focus their attention on what matters most.

As an athletic high-performance coach and consultant, he knows that performance is rooted in the discipline of targeted behavior, consistently executed. When clients work with Mike, there are no gimmicks. He passes along scientific-based information to help them improve and empower them to take action. When they act differently, they think differently, and that proactive mindset is the key to their success.

For over 15 years, Mike has dedicated himself to improving the health, wellness, and performance of his clients, which include individuals, businesses, organizations, and collegiate and professional athletic teams. He founded Ranfone Training Systems Performance Center to help his clients align their attention and behaviors to maximize their output and results.

A highly sought-after expert in sports performance, Mike has written for numerous online publications and has been a featured author on He regularly provided consulting and education with professional and collegiate sports teams and has coached several to conference, state, and national championships.

Before founding his training center, Mike began his professional career at Yale University, where he served as the Strength and Conditioning coordinator for over 500 Division 1 athletes.

Mike graduated Cum Laude from Union College with degrees in Economics and Psychology while gaining entry into their respective National Honor Societies. On the field, he was a four-year letter winner, a three-year all-league and all-academic starter, and a one-year captain. He finished his collegiate career as the school’s fifth all-time leading tackler while earning tryouts for several Arena/CFL teams.

Corey Berrios

Corey Berrios

Performance coach, BS, CSCS

Growing up as an athlete playing football, hockey, and rugby, the lessons I’ve learned from great coaches along the way have helped shape me into the coach I am today. I’ve always seen training as a microcosm for life. Learning how to face challenges, overcome obstacles, and becoming more resilient has always helped me develop as an athlete and most importantly, as a person. One of the greatest responsibilities that I hold as a coach is the opportunity to help athletes and clients apply these lessons from the weight room to their sports and their day-to-day lives. In more than a decade of coaching, I’ve worked with a variety of athletes and clients from different backgrounds. The common thread between everyone that I work with is a mission to foster a hard work ethic, leadership and a wealth of physical and personal confidence in any sporting or personal endeavor.

You’re under no obligation to be the person you were 5 minutes ago

- Allan Watts

Dylan Raube

Dylan Raube


It’s my job to meet the athlete and client where they are to instill a healthy mindset that produces lifelong habits. I teach and mentor individuals to enable change for a happier, more fulfilling life. Simply, I want people to maximize their performance, well-being, and genetic potential, all the while understanding they’re the one in control of their results.

I view the things I do through the perspective of my future self. Continuously choosing to take action in the present will always be easier for my future self, than choosing not to.
Andrew Usher

Andrew Usher

Coach/massage therapist, Licensed massage therapist, Fredrick stretch therapy level 2, FRC FRA Kinstretch

Training has always brought stability into my life and I love being able to help others find the joy and peace that comes with health and fitness like I did.

Scott Tribby

Scott Tribby

2nd in command, OG, BA, Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist (2004-2019)

Born and raised in southern Ontario (Canada), Scott has almost 20 years of coaching experience in the industry and is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist under the NSCA. He received his BA at Concordia University in Montreal, before moving on to study massage therapy at the Arizona School of Massage Therapy. Scott practiced massage for almost 15 years before giving it up to pursue other ventures. In addition to coaching and exercise programming, Scott has been an integral part of Ranfone Training Systems since its inception in 2010, growing it into one of Connecticut’s premier health & fitness facilities. This experience in all of the things it takes to grow a business (administration, staff development, tech operations, etc.) has enabled him to better understand the obstacles and barriers that often restrain people from reaching their potential.

Trevor Siedlecki

Trevor Siedlecki

Adult Fitness Coach / Client Success Manager, BFA, NASM CPT

Having made the transition from client to coach, I offer a unique perspective on the challenges and barriers individuals encounter when striving to enhance their fitness. Being an adult fitness coach allows me to positively impact the lives of others and empower them to live healthier, happier lives.

Consistency with purpose drives success.
Geovonnie Ogilvie

Geovonnie Ogilvie

Sports Performance Coach, B.S. Exercise Science, Human Performance, Pn1, CSAC
I’ll provide the map if you are willing to drive the ship. Change doesn’t come easy, but nothing worth having is.

The Ranfone Personalized

The RTS process has been refined over 15 years. And the main reason it works is that it is personalized on every level, from nutrition to training, to accountability.

We’ll identify what’s holding you back from the results you want, analyzing your blood, DNA, and lifestyle to understand the underlying challenges. Then, we’ll provide a customized plan that’s clear, simple, and actionable.