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Who We Are

RTS is different from the gym you’re used to. There are no walk-ins, only scheduled training sessions. And that’s by design.

It’s the only way to ensure the best possible training environment for each client. Every session is supervised by our team of world-class coaches and is designed to perfectly align with your individual goals and needs.

At RTS, you won’t find cookie-cutter solutions. We’re results-driven, process-oriented, and offer turn-key solutions for motivated people who want to take control and reclaim their health.

What We Do

RTS offers two client journey paths that are customized
according to your needs.


Elite sports performance training is the foundation of RTS. For the past 15 years, we’ve worked with and consulted athletes and organizations from across the nation (including NFL, MLB, NCAA), helping them implement the best practices for athletic performance training, injury prevention, and confidence building.

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Our Adult Fitness program is unlike anything you’ve tried before. And it’s the single most effective way to get into the best shape and health of your life. Every visit to the gym will have a clear purpose, designed according to your goals and supervised by NSCA-Certified Coaches.

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The Ranfone Personalized

The RTS process has been refined over 15 years. And the main reason it works is that it is personalized on every level, from nutrition to training, to accountability.

We’ll identify what’s holding you back from the results you want, analyzing your blood, DNA, and lifestyle to understand the underlying challenges. Then, we’ll provide a customized plan that’s clear, simple, and actionable.

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There aren’t many gyms like RTS. And a big part of why we’re different is the people behind the team. Learn more about Michael Ranfone and the rest of the world-class coaching staff


Michael Ranfone

Scott Tribby

Scott Tribby

2nd in command, OG
Trevor Siedlecki

Trevor Siedlecki

Adult Fitness Coach
Corey Berrios

Corey Berrios

Performance Coach
Andrew Usher

Andrew Usher

Coach/Massage Therapist
Geovonnie Ogilvie

Geovonnie Ogilvie

Sports Performance Coach
Dylan Raube

Dylan Raube


The Ranfone
Personalized Program