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Adult Fitness

Discover How to Get Fit for LIFE

RTS is not your typical gym. And that’s why our approach to adult fitness is unlike anything you’ve tried before. No cookie-cutter solutions, no confusing workouts, and no feeling lost and unsure of how to progress.

Personalized to your goals and needs
Guided by NSCA Certified Coaches every step of the way

Success in fitness can be achieved even if you:

  • Haven’t trained for years
  • Are dealing with past injuries
  • Can’t manage your weight

Our team will get to know your situation and design a training plan just for you. That plan will include everything from the exercises to the nutrition and the powerful habits that will help you stay accountable and ensure the changes you achieve last a lifetime.

Here's what the process of working with RTS looks like

  • You’ll schedule a free consultation and meet a coach that will get to know where you are right now, what you want to achieve, and what’s holding you back.
  • Your coach will work with you to establish goals and a timeline for reaching them.
  • You’ll have a schedule that lays out everything you need to know and do, all while being monitored and consulted by your coach every step of the way.
  • Based on your results, the coaches will provide guidance and adjust your timeline and goals to ensure you stay on the right track.
  • You will reach the desired results and know exactly how to stay in the ideal shape and health for your body and lifestyle.