Data-Driven Approach
for Peak Athletic Performance

Gaining Insights through Blood Panels

Blood and DNA are a powerful one-two punch for understanding your body and reaching your fitness goals. Your blood data is dynamic, changing with various inputs ranging from your environmental exposure and dietary choices to your sleep and stress levels. All of which dictates how you should train for best results.

Gaining insights through blood and DNA testing is also a vital part of staying healthy. It allows optimizing your diet and training according to your body, life stage, goals, and challenges, all continually reevaluated as you progress.

That’s why RTS partnered with a local, third-party medical testing group. It offers a range of blood testing packages designed to provide the complete picture when creating the perfect training and nutrition strategy for your needs.

As part of the RTS process:

Each client will receive a direct consultation about their results with a supervising MD, ensuring they have the full picture of the results, what they mean, and how they can be leveraged for performance gains and health benefits.

The blood panel's accuracy is ensured by a leading local medical testing group that covers a broad range of blood testing solutions.

Trainers work closely with the MD to develop data-driven training and nutrition strategies tailored to performance, ensuring the maximum impact on results and your health in the shortest time possible.

Benefits of RTS Blood Panels

  • Identify the factors holding you back and get data-backed insights on how to overcome them.
  • Get regular and consistent tracking, feedback, and coaching check-ins.
  • Utilize tailored program variables every week based on how you’re responding.
  • Analyze your blood, DNA, lifestyle, and nutrition habits to find improvement opportunities.
  • Gain access to evidence-based scientific solutions that are simple, clear, and actionable.
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Training. Nutrition. Accountability.

We believe that success hinges on choosing the right training plan combined with optimal nutrition, backed up with accountability from you and the RTS Coach assigned to ensure you meet your goals.

Because we don’t believe in generic plans or cookie-cutter solutions, blood and DNA testing is an integral element for making informed decisions that dictate how you train, what you eat, and where the focus is.

Our process has been refined over 15 years and has become a turn-key solution for serious athletes who want to maximize every training session. The facilities, the team of world-class RTS Coaches, and the regular testing align to create a training environment on par with the highest pro-level standards worldwide.