Val Nasedkin and Dr. Roman Fomin, PhD – September 26th & 27th

  • September 26, 2015, All day
  • Ranfone Training Systems


Val Nasedkin and Roman Fomin present a two-day seminar on September 26th and 27th at Ranfone Training Systems.

Val2Val Nasedkin, a former decathlete at the national level for the former Soviet Union, is the co-founder and vice president of business development for Omegawave, a pioneering company in the field of functional preparedness and readiness in athletes.

He has been a guest lecturer on the principles of training at numerous sport science and physical education universities around the world, and frequently acts as a consultant to Olympic committees, sports federations and national and professional teams for various sports including Dutch Olympic Committee, United States Track and Field Olympic Committee, EPL, Serie A and La Liga teams (Medical Staff), Autonoma University (Barcelona, Spain), Duke University (North Carolina, USA) and University of Calgary (Canadian National Sports Center).

RomanDr. Roman Fomin holds a PhD in Physiology and is also an Associate Professor of Physiology. Dr. Fomin is a highly regarded, innovative, and analytical senior scientist. His research and laboratory management experiences include 15 years of extensive multi-disciplinary work in areas of electrophysiological and biomechanical methods, surface and stimulation electromyography, transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain and spinal cord, motion analysis, and electroencephalography.

Dr. Fomin has a track record in designing breakthrough physiological methods and technologies for elite-level coaching, sports science and sports medicine. He is a co-founder of the Windows of Trainability* and Readiness** concepts designed to optimize the training process of Olympic and professional athletes to achieve the best results while avoiding negative side effects. Dr. Fomin has gone further and developed an innovative, practical approach of Predictive Modeling and Biological Optimization that allows for the creation of an optimal roadmap to high performance and success in sports. Additionally, he possesses proven skills in authoring scientific and educational articles and papers. He is the author of numerous published works on the neurophysiological mechanisms controlling voluntary movements and neuronal adaptations during exercise.

Topics that will be covered but not limited to for this 2 day event:

  1. Part 1: The Window of Trainability
  2. Part 2: The science of athlete readiness
  3. Part 3: Specific examples of athlete assessments covering both Omegawave and performance testing
  4. Part 4: Utilizing Omegwave to auto regulate daily programing, as well as long term adaptation
  5. Part 5: Sport specific endurance training and its use in team sports
  6. Part 6: Efficient strength training taking advantage of muscle physiology and how to maximize muscle potential
  7. Part 7: Determining norms for your population
  8. Part 8: Utilizing Omegawave in a clinical setting
  9. Part 9: Functional systems theory and its application in physical preparation

It promises to be a great weekend full of paradigm breaking info–the kind of stuff that puts you ahead of the curve.

We’re keeping attendance low to ensure everyone enjoys an intimate setting full of interaction. In short, you get all of your questions answered.

This is a private and limited (30 attendees) occasion which will be determined on a first come first serve basis and once we hit our max attendance it will be closed. We hope you take this opportunity as we are confident it will not fall short of your expectations.