RTS Winter/Spring 2017 Seminar Schedule is here!

  • November 08, 2016,
  • Ranfone Training Systems
   RTS is very excited to be hosting 2 incredible seminars this winter/spring:  Brett Bartholomew on March 11-12th and Derek Hansen on April 29-30th!  Details on each seminar are posted below.  As many of you know, we like to cap attendance at 25-30 people per seminar in order to ensure a high-quality learning environment, so spots will go quickly!  For a very limited time, we are offering BOTH seminars at a discounted package rate…only $650!  That’s 4 full days of presentations, education, and industry networking for the combined price of $650, click the link below to secure your spot now!   

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If for some crazy reason you don’t want to take advantage of this amazing offer, you can register for a single seminar by clicking on the “Buy Now” button associated with each seminar below.  These are Early Bird prices, and will expire shortly, so don’t miss your chance to register now at a discounted price!



with Derek Hansen

Part 1 – High-Low Training Concepts
Discussion of Charlie Francis’ concepts of high intensity vs low intensity as it relates to speed development.
Part 2 – Applying Signal and Noise Theory to Training and Recovery
Identifying the key elements in training that relate to Signal and Noise theory, particularly the involvement of stochastic resonance theory.
Part 3 – Parameters of Electrical Muscle Stimulation
Review of frequency, waveform, intensity, pulse width, work:rest ratios as it relates to training and rehabilitation.
Part 4 – Afferent Effects of EMS – Training the Brain
Impact of EMS, particularly when combined with exercise and movement, on the plasticity of the brain.
Part 5 – Integrating High Intensity Elements for Performance Outcomes
Combining all the elements for a comprehensive approach to training and recovery.
   Derek is a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist that has been working with athletes in speed, strength and power sports since 1988. Originally working with Track and Field athletes, Derek expanded his services to assist athletes in all sports with an emphasis on speed development, recovery and regeneration, specialized rehabilitation protocols and electrical muscle stimulation. He has since worked with some of the top performers in the world as a coach, advisor and a consultant – including Olympic medallists, world record holders, Canadian National team athletes, and professional athletes from numerous sports. Locally, Derek has produced some of the top sprinters in British Columbia and continues to work with some of the fastest and most dynamic athletes in various sports. Derek also provides expertise and instruction in the professional development realm, presenting his innovative ideas at conferences, workshops and seminars.

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with Brett Bartholomew
  • How to effectively manage a balance between the art and science of coaching.
  • How a better understanding of human nature, behavior and personality can enhance your programming and results.
  • More than an art: understanding the science of communication, influence and behavior change
  • The upside to your darkside: how your “negative” personality traits can be your best asset when leading others.
  • Leaving a legacy, the lost art of mentoring
   Brett Bartholomew is a strength & conditioning coach, consultant, proud husband, and Founder of the performance coaching and consulting company Bartholomew Strength.
   Within his experiences in both the team side of athletics as well as the private sector, Brett has worked with a diverse range of athletes from 23 sports at all levels ranging from youth to the professional and Olympic level as well as active duty members of the United States Special Forces. Brett has coached and presented in over 10 countries, nearly all 50 states and at 2 Universities along with military bases nationwide and has also considered himself blessed to have supported numerous Super Bowl and World Series Champions along with a number of professional fighters within the UFC.
   From an entrepreneurial standpoint, Brett has proudly served as a teammate and partner in the strategic growth of two separate performance companies, and is a highly sought after consultant and mentor for many others across the United States and abroad. He has been featured in numerous local and national publications and media outlets.
   Bartholomew is a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) where he holds both their CSCS & RSCC *D distinction, and is also graduate of Kansas State University, where he obtained his Bachelors in Science degree in Kinesiology, and Southern Illinois University-Carbondale where he obtained his Master’s degree and wrote research on the topic of motor learning, cueing and attentional focus in human performance.
You may reach Brett by via email at brett@bartholomewstrength.com.



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